Face a Face

Adopts an innovative approach to eyewear design, paralleling current trends of graphic design and architecture. Designed in Paris and made in the Jura mountains of France, they combine glamour with relaxed elegance.


Kala is a Bay Area handmade eyewear line with appealing classic designs that fit any budget. Available in custom sandblasted matte finishes.


Orgreen launched their Danish collection based on the curves of a 1950s Corvette. Their inventive lines are complemented by their use of titanium and color, staying true to their aesthetic; provocative, but not arrogant.


Bevel designers stay true to their ultimate goal with every frame: to help people feel good about themselves by making them look great. They integrate esthetic trends and color with wearability.


Barton Perreira

The original creators of Oliver Peoples, Barton Perreira continue their approach to fashion that redefines style and elegance.

ic! Berlin

ic! Berlin was made famous by their unique screwless hinge system but year after year, they continue to dazzle fans with amazing, sleek designs.

Rudy Project

Rudy Project is internationally respected for their cycling eyewear, and incorporates advanced materials and design elements to fit any active lifestyle from weekend warriors to serious athletes.


Undostrial designs address the demand for lightness and flexibility, while still combining requirements of comfort and aesthetics. surgical stainless steel-one piece frames adorned with leather and silicone.

Lucas de Stael

The designer of Undostrial eyewear, Lucas creates his own luxury frame line. Each frame is handcrafted in Paris, and inlaid with wood, stone, or leather to create a frame as unique as the person who wears it.


Two brothers from Budapest, Hungary developed eyewear from vinyl records. Vinylize collection are created with vinyl record veneer, a perfect demonstration of the designers commitment to music and bold fashion.


An exciting new collection from Japan that blend Italian materials with Japanese engineering.

WOOW Eyewear

Designed by Face a Face, WOOW is a fresh concept described as anti-crisis eyewear. They have encouraging messages imprinted on their temples to remind us to “be awesome today”.

Kaenon Sunwear

Born in Newport Beach, Kaenon bridges lifestyle sunglasses and sports performance with their proprietary polarized lenses.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Enough said; a beloved brand worn by everyone from President Obama to you!


Originally designed for the individualist, now appeals to trendsetters with their avant-garde Belgian creations. 

We also carry specialty eyewear, such as swimming goggles, sport goggles, windproof eyewear for dry eyes, fashion readers and children’s eyewear.

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